Sunday, July 01, 2007

Larry King and Other Thing

06/30/2007: Is that supposed to be Larry King? Why on Earth would Larry King, a national celebrity, fill in for Jonah Jameson on a public access talk show? The thin thread suspending my disbelief has just snapped, and it's all Larry King's fault.

TIL: Well, at least it's not Jay Leno.

07/01/2007:Ah, I see where this is going! If I'm right, this whole "storyline" will actually be over pretty quickly. At least this segment of it. Spider-Man will arrive too late to actually do any sort of interview with Lopez, and everyone will have flipped to Jonah's show where Larry King is filling in. Maria Lopez will be scorned, and since Hell hath no fury, she'll go after Spider-Man. Maybe becoming a psychotic murderer, taking down everyone in her way. At least, I hope so.

TIL: It looks like Spider-Man is saying "Yeah, right" in the last panel there.

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