Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Week in Review

Sorry about not posting! First, I was too busy. Then, I was too sick. Then, I was too apathetic about what was going on in the storyline. I'm back now, though, and like NOTHING has happened in the past week.

It's certainly not for the ratings, Jonah, since readership is most likely at an all-time low and will continue to be until something happens.

TIL: I like to think that Jameson is listening to a radio rather than watching a television in panel three.

07/07:Spider-Man should be well aware that his is watching, since she knew about this. With each passing day, my distaste for Maria Lopez becomes stronger.

TIL: Spider-Man is panel three, as he looks like he's having convulsions.

07/08:At least the art in the Sunday strip is better than average, and I actually found this strip kind of funny. Not only does Spider-Man reference the previous storyline, but someone actually thought it would be a good idea to capture Spider-Man's facial expression in the first panel in the bottom row. They tried to capture the facial expression of a man wearing a face-concealing mask. Which brings up the point that Spider-Man, as far as Maria knows, is ugly as sin underneath that mask. We know it's not true (he only looks like David Hasslehoff), but Maria doesn't.

TIL: The first panel in the bottom row.

07/09:Indeed, it WOULD be interesting to see how Peter answered...

TIL: It looks like Spider-Man is mentally contacting Mary Jane in panel three.

07/10:...if Peter actually answered and didn't just up and run away. That's not suspicious at all, Spider-Man.

TIL: Jonah's magic changing television. Either that, or he smashed it and had to buy a new one.

07/11:Now we're talking! Jonah Jameson is going to take Larry King on to see who gets to preside over the rest of the show! It's go-time! Not to mention the fact that it looks like someone is pointing a laser-gun at them. I'm sure all this mildly interesting stuff will be gone tomorrow.

Also, Spider-Man, she's a TV hostess... just take her down with some Hostess Fruit pies. (Link suggested for readers unaffected by abundant curse words.)

TIL: Old TV show host fights. OH YEAH.


jvwalt said...

Soooo... Spider-Man has been a superhero in the public spotlight for, oh, 40 years now... (yes, I realize that's real-world time, not comic-book time -- but in the comics, Spidey has gone from a teenager to a young adult at least)... and it's never occurred to him until just now that he might have to answer a reporter's question about his private life????????

How about a nice, snappy, "None of your business!" Or if you want to employ logic, "Sorry, I can't talk about my true identity, because all the crooks in the world would come after my loved ones"?

Instead, we get several days of cheesy suspense over a non-dilemma. Anything to avoid showing actual conflict.

adrian said...

Or he could have told her he was gay! That would have been amusing!