Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Indepence Day Post 2007

07/03/2007:Eh, so he made it to the interview. We've had no inkling that any super-villains or ne'er-do-wells are in the studio, so we've nothing to look forward to. Perhaps Stan Lee thinks no one will be reading this week due to the holiday, and things will pick up after this week.

TIL: Spider-Man's pose in panel two.

07/04/2007:We have gone from things happening, to things happening very slowly, to people talking about things that happened weeks ago. Yes, you read that right: the strip is moving backwards. Soon, we'll be hearing about the fight with Doctor Octopus then murderous butlers and Kraven the Hunter, working our way backwards until Peter Parker is getting bitten by a radioactive spider. Oddly enough, I would actually like a recap of things past. It would be interesting to see which villains comic strip Spider-Man has faced, and which ones are still alive. Not that such a thing will happen, of course.

TIL: Spider-Man in panel one. Do you think the cameramen are cursing him right now because he can't stay in one place for more than a minute?

Also two things:
One, my new blog is up and going! Please go give it a look and tell me what you think, maybe? You can find it here.

Second, happy Independence Day to those of you living in the United States.

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