Thursday, July 05, 2007

Maria Lopez: Spider-Fan

Mary Jane pretty much stole what I was going to say. So instead, I'll put out two things which are much more than a fan that Maria Lopez could be:
1) Stalker
2) Air Conditioner
I apologize for the lameness of tonight's post.

TIL: Spider-Man in panel two. He looks like he's going into convulsions.

Oh, I also just found out Marvel used a snippet of a review I wrote for "Civil War Front Line" in one of their press releases. It happened nearly a year ago and I'm just finding out now. Kind of wish I hadn't been so redundant, though...
Message Board Version
IGN Version


that guy said...

At first I didn't get the air conditioner reference, then burst out laughing when I reread the script. Not lame. Funny.
Happy Independence Day.

Anonymous said...

in panel 2 it looks like Maria's other hand managed to sneak around the ol spidey sense.

Andy said...

Maria Lopez is Hooked On a Feeling.

named after ham said...

Can't say as I blame you for taking a little break, given that our current storyline seems to be written by the same folks who bring us such shows as One Life to Live.

Never doubt this strip's ability to reach new lows!