Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Malarky

07/24:Today, Peter realizes that Mary Jane is going to become a movie star and there's not a blasted thing he can do about it. He also realizes that he should not stand in the way of his wife's dream, and in fact, he should support her decision. This is what we call "personal growth" and "maturity": it's something we haven't seen from Peter from a long time, but here's hoping it's making a return.

TIL: Mary Jane in panel three.

07/25:I hope Maria Lopez either blacks out or dies from exhaustion. Anything that'll put an end to her. I do like that she's willing to hire guys with cameras from the early nineties, though.

TIL: I hope Mary Jane and Maria Lopez fight each other. That is a thing I would like.


jvwalt said...

7/24: Considering that Mary Jane's "dream" will force her to work away from home for a few weeks at a time and earn millions of dollars, and that Peter's "dream" forces him to risk his life and work endlessly for no money at all, I'd say it's mighty big of Pete to admit that MJ has a right to live her own life.

7/25: "Mary-Jane Parker! You're starring in a Hollywood blockbuster, and you live in this crummy little tract house???"

We've got a nice setup for a world-class catfight, in which MJ and Maria quickly get stripped down to their bras and panties. What we'll get instead is weeks upon weeks of mopery, petty misunderstandings, and TV watching. Hell, there's been more physical violence this month in "Gil Thorp" than in "Spider-Man."

Andy said...

And by Saturday, there will be more in Mark Trail too. And that's not counting the hot tying Sam to the tree action we've already had.