Sunday, July 15, 2007

Numbered Lists: YES!

07/14:Peter is certainly over-reacting here. Listen, being clingy won't keep your secret identity safe! You have several options here, Peter:
1) Go into semi-retirement until the initial shock wears off and everyone stops caring
2) Take on another identity. What about that "Justice Guy" thing you had like a year ago? You could bring him back. Maybe even something new.
3) Go about business as usual, as it's unlikely anyone would be able to catch you unmasking. If I recall correctly, your spider-sense prevents that.
4) Unmask yourself and get the million.

Numbers one and three are the most likely options to be pursued, with number two coming in at a close second and number four probably being unlikely as heck.

TIL: Mary Jane's smirk in panel three. It's nice that Peter can make his wife smile by insulting Jonah.

07/15:It looks like we're going with option one here. I see a lot of split-mask angst in our future. I'm willing to overlook that the television went from being an older model to a flat-screen over a fireplace.

TIL: There are four things I like today! Hooray!
1) Maniacal Jonah (second panel, second row)
2) The guy on top of the building (first panel, third row)
3) Spider-Man clinging to a wall, shaking his fist. (third panel, second row)
4) Peter Parker's explanation of why Jonah is doing this. This is even better because it's true.

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