Monday, January 14, 2008

POLLS: Round Five Complete, Battle Royale Commencing

Well, Land Captain won the previous poll. He had six votes, King of the Newspaper Jockies had four, and Loretta the Slave-Woman had three. Now we're going to take the winners of all the polls and have them duke it out for several weeks, with someone getting voted off every Sunday from here until the end of the poll. Here's our contestants:

-Land Captain
-The Shocker
-Jonah Jameson

May the best man win. Also, I'll work through the backlog soon. Things aren't going too well on this end, but should hopefully be shaping up soon.


Anonymous said...

hmm Weasel or the Land Captain... hard choice...

Weasel!!! You got my vote

Anonymous said...

Any more comic strip updates come'n? I miss the daily Spidey strips. I found a site to catch the weekday strips, but not the sunday one. Just wondering.

Mike Podgor said...

Updates will be resuming pretty soon. Things are sort of tough for me right now.