Saturday, December 02, 2006

Predictions for the Future

This simply reinforces my view that next week will be filled with lustful Jameson. Otherwise, we would witness a sort of super-heroic "Waiting for Godot", because Spider-Man would never come. After a week or so of Lustful Jameson, and after Stan Lee figures out how to resolve this quagmire he's stumbled into, we'll come back to Doctor Octopus and Peter will suddenly get a sensational idea. It will probably be something like Peter saying, "Doctor Octopus, you should let me go to alert Spider-Man to the bait!" and Doctor Octopus falling for it. Ah, and Jameson will have a falling-out with Maria Lopez over something. We might stay in Hollywood when everything is over and done, but chances are they won't cancel Mary Jane's movie shoot.

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Ken Begg said...

Hasn't Ock been threatening Mary Jane for an entire three or four minutes at this point? Spidey must really be Johnny on the Spot most of the time if Ock is already wondering where he is.