Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mary Jane's Harrowing Accident!!!

08/10:My imagination inserts a thought balloon into the first panel. It is the guide's thought balloon, and it reads, "Don't those two know I can hear their whispers?" This is why he is whispering in response. The rest of the guide's appearances will consist of him acting as if he doesn't know who his charges really are.

TIL: The third panel is kind of nifty.

Looks to me like the burro gained a moment of super-strength and was either unaware or unable to stop his foot from plowing into ground. This caused him to lose his balance, and his super-strength. Either that, or he slipped on some rocks. You could pick either one.

TIL: The middle panel. Action Burros are GO! Even if that action is somewhat ambiguous.

It's nice that the guide is going out of his way to pretend that he doesn't know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the last panel boggles my mind. They obviously know the Shocker's power lies in vibrations, hence the "NEXT" box. Why, then, does the villain say that he'll electrify Hollywood? He's not Electro, after all. Sadly, I think we can expect more of this inappropriate quipping until the end of the storyline.

TIL: The Shocker's patience. Poor guy must be itching to do something by now.

Yes, that perfectly even path sure is steep. They could have at least made an effort to have the art match the narrative. A month ago, I made the prediction that this storyline would have no excitement to it. What with those crazy burros and the Shocker, I think we can safely assume it was a shoddy prediction.

TIL: That guide sure does stick to his act.

I can see where Mary Jane is coming from. I almost slipped and fell in the parking lot at work today (it's not paved, but covered in gravel) and wanted nothing more than to sit down for an hour or so. So our near-accidents were pretty much the same. Except she had a burro, which I suppose makes all the difference.

TIL: Shocker has been saying that for a few weeks now, and I have to admire his perseverance. Hopefully it'll pay off soon.

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jvwalt said...

What the hell is it with Peter Parker and TV? He's a superhero... he's got a hot actress wife... and every time there's a moment's rest, he can't wait to get the TV on. By the time he's 45, this strip will be called "The Big Fat Spider-Man," and will consist entirely of a morbidly obese Peter Parker sitting on his couch, downing huge quantities of snack food, while watching cheesy talk shows on TV.

Also... in the Sunday strip, MJ's burro somehow manages to surf down the trail from behind Peter to in front of him. Wow. If they ever create a burro division of the X Games, this guy's a certain medal contender.