Monday, August 20, 2007

Introducing "Today's Lesson"

Listening to music while on the computer may help me stay awake, which would mean more updates! So I'm going to totally start doing that. Also, I'm trying out a new feature: "Today's Lesson". This stems from me doing half the post and forgetting that "TIL" stood for "Thing I Liked" and not "Thing I Learned". That is how bad things have gotten, which will hopefully be rectified soon.


Not to pick nits or anything, but if it had something had enough force to shake apart an armored car, wouldn't the guards inside (being not made of metal and all) be turned to jelly? I may be wrong, but in my mind that's how it works.

TIL: The road design in the first panel is kind of weird and neat, since the bottom corner looks like something from an MC Escher painting.
Today's Lesson: Average men have a greater fortitude than armored trucks.

I take this to mean that the Shocker either hasn't been in the strip before, or hasn't been in the strip for a great while. If it's the first option, then why exactly is he in one of the Sunday title panels?

TIL: The security guards work for Galahad something or others. That's kind of neat.
Today's Lesson: An armored car being shaken apart by a man in a flamboyant quilted costume in Los Angeles will attract a total of zero curious bystanders.

08/17:Ah, so I guess the Shocker has had a past career in the comics. I'm still confused about Shocker's gauntlets, but assume they're there so that Spider-Man can snatch them away when he eventually returns and end the criminal's wave of crime in an efficient manner. We can only hope that the Shocker has the gauntlets on a lower setting for the guards than he did on the truck, because a direct hit like that would kill them messily. If the gauntlets even have settings.

TIL: The stab at relevancy in the first panel is pretty keen.
Today's Lesson: Super-villains become pouty when people do not recognize them.

This adds further credence to Shocker's status as a returning villain. Interestingly enough, he seems to be stealing a smallish bag of money and another empty money bag, both of which are just modernized versions of the classic money sacks used by villains such as the Beagle Boys of "DuckTales". One can only hope he busts out those sacks next.

TIL: The money bags, of course.
Today's Lesson: Beliefs of great responsibility coming with great power mean nothing when on vacation with one's wife and there is a price on one's secret identity.

Is Jameson making a pun in the second row's first panel, or is that just a poor choice of adjective on Stan Lee's part? Well, not so much poor as redundant. You would think someone like Jonah would realize this and get out a thesaurus to avoid it. Also, would it be so hard to make sure the Shocker's gauntlets and victims looked remotely the same on Sundays? I see the second row's third panel and imagine him attacking some hospital orderlies.

Jonah's comments make it seem as if the Shocker is a newcomer to the strip, which confuses an issue I thought was over with. Not to mention the fact that the footage was shot with a phone camera. There are many things wrong with that, mainly that the person with the camera would have to be standing less than twenty feet away to get footage that good. Wait, is that footage in the bottom row's first panel taken from inside the armored truck?!

TIL: Jameson's drunken stare in the bottom row's middle panel.
Today's Lesson: The Shocker will pose for video cameras, and even allow them to follow him around while he collects his loot.

Earlier today, I was reading the second "Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man", which collected issues #11-19, and the first annual. The final few stories involved Spider-Man disappearing from the public eye after his Aunt May had a heart attack and needed someone to stay with her until she became well. I bring this up because the situation in those issues is pretty much the exact same thing happening here, save for a few minor differences. The two main ones are that Maria Lopez has taken Flash Thompson's role as "Spider-Man Fan" and Peter's reasons for giving up his identity for a bit and vanishing from the public eye are far less noble. Comic strip Peter is kind of a whiny jerk, isn't he?

TIL: Peter and Mary Jane's hotel room either has multiple fireplaces, or their couch transformed into some sort of legless chair. Also, it looks like Peter has lost his bottom half.
Today's Lesson: Even in Death Valley, one of the hottest places in America, the hotel rooms have fireplaces.


that guy said...

I had the exact same thought when I saw the Shocker's money bags. Do they really put a dollar sign on them?
Thing I liked: The fact that Jameson puts an exclamation point after his name in his show's title.
Thing I pondered: How did the cel phone camera manage to pick up the colorful rays and starbursts? Gotta get me one of those.

Engage said...

I think the legless chair IS Peter's bottom half.

Mike P said...

You know, I think you're right.