Thursday, August 09, 2007

Amazingly Huge Colossal Update Spectacular!

When the unintended hiatus started, things were moving at a snail's pace. Jonah had a reward out for Spider-Man's identity, Maria Lopez was crushing on Spider-Man, and Peter Parker had put the identity into semi-retirement. Also, he was being whiny because his wife is launching a film career. However, I was still reading and saving the comics every day (I had time enough to do that) and watched as the Parkers watched Jonah rant and rave. Then, suddenly, I didn't even have time to do that. I came back, expecting the strip to have moved forward ever so slightly. Well... you'll see what happens when we get there. For now, it's catch-up time!

Peter looks honestly crestfallen that he is not considered one of his wife's "people". In fact, he looks sort of glum throughout the strip. The sign on Maria's van brings me happiness, however, because it looks as if it's used for Maria's show and a watch shop.

TIL: The sign, of course.

The curse of remarking on a daily strip like this is that sometimes there's absolutely nothing to remark upon. I realize they're trying to set up a "will he or won't he" thing concerning Peter and his Spider-Man identity, but we all know he'll jump back into right when a super-villain or some other madman raises their ugly head.

TIL: Peter's casual remark that Maria Lopez has turned into a stalker.

This would have been a prime time for the Land Captain to return, if he was recognized by Stan Lee and whatnot. On another note, it took me a minute to put the second police officer's line and the "NEXT" box together. Also, Peter looks really stupid today.

TIL: The punk in the last panel warms my heart.

The first panel makes it sound like Peter and Mary Jane are on Tatooine (from Star Wars). The second panel makes it sound like Peter is a polygamist. The third panel doesn't make it sound like Peter and Mary Jane are anything but Peter and Mary Jane. I'll leave it up to you to decide if any of these are a good thing.

TIL: The way the Stan Lee/Larry Lieber thing is floating above panel two and casting a shadow in the gutter.

I don't know why Peter is acting so smug, as that's pretty much exactly why he's lying low for a few days.

TIL: Mary Jane's look of pure horror in panel three.

I thought this one was actually kind of funny. Which isn't a bad thing, and much better than the monotony every other day, but I would rather have some fast-paced Spider-Action than Peter mocking Jonah Jameson.

TIL: Peter's mockery of Jameson.

Here, Spider-Man expresses a little known ability: Jameson Jealousy-Sense. A part of his spider-sense, it allows him to know when Jameson is about to prove that he's jealous due to someone's crush on Spider-Man. It is a very obscure power, and this is probably only the second time it's been used ever. The first time was in the mid-eighties.

TIL: Peter's mischievous look in panel three.

Here we are, a week into things, and all that Spider-Man has done is not fight crime and make fun of his boss. Will our fortunes look up? DOUBTFUL. We now continue.
We all know Jameson does have a crush on Maria Lopez, but Mary Jane could have just dismissed Peter as crazy and jealous of Jonah. You know, for the sake of argument.

TIL: The magic floating television set.

Actually, if it was a square, Spider-Man would have to love Jonah. It'd actually be a weird diagram or something, like this:
Land Captain is there because everyone loves Land Captain, in some way or another.

TIL: It looks like Jonah is trying to smash his way out of the television in panel one.


Holy crap, it's the Shocker.

Wait, why is he wearing armor?

TIL: The whole strip is actually sort of pleasing today, actually.

First off, some stuff about the Shocker. He's basically a small-time thug who has become fairly infamous because of how lame he is. The man wears something that looks like a quilt and his power lies not in shocks but in vibrations. Luckily, someone realized that they should not use the name "Vibrator". What's more important is that he has no delusions of grandeur, so if this whole scheme of his consists of anything more than robbing banks I'll be fairly disappointed with his characterization. However, I'll also be pleased that the Shocker is running around doing stuff, as I like him, and am glad to see he lost the armor.

Second, when did the whole "Going to Death Valley!" thing pop up? I need a plot-change sense so these things can't come at me out of left field.

TIL: It's the Shocker!


This is what I want to see more of: Peter Parker being randomly reminded of villains he's fought, along with pictures. Maybe Sandman will show up and we'll have him and Shocker running around! I doubt it.

TIL: Sandman looks so cheery.

Oh ho ho, hilarity. They want to remain incognito, but Mary Jane's fame makes that impossible! Where's the Shocker?

TIL: The check-in guy's outfit.

They're wearing long sleeves and pants in Death Valley? Death Valley, which is characteristically very hot? The donkey sees the foolishness of that.

TIL: Donkeys!

Also, "Barney Google" or "Snuffy Smith" or whatever it is mentioned Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus on 7/30:
Well, now we're up to date. Hopefully this state of affairs will continue for a while.


Aaron T. said...

Something I like: how the artist forgets that the television image is two-dimensional, and draws Jameson at angles as though he's actually inside Mary Jane and Peter's TV.

that guy said...

Yes, I've had that exact same thought for years and years. Quite frankly, I find it commendable when the artist makes the effort to draw the television image two-dimensional rather than three, which I assume is more difficult and requires more effort. The thought of Jameson stuck inside the television made me chuckle.

Sam99 said...

glad to have the updates back, thanks Mike!!!

R. W. Watkins said...

I particularly like the 08/06 strip. It's kind of reminiscent of Ditko's mid '60s work on the comic book. The sports car looks really groovy and The Shocker looks great lurking in the bushes.