Friday, August 31, 2007

The Big Catch-Up, Part One: The Rest of August.

A lot has happened since I last posted here. Well, that's not true. Only like two things happened. In any case, those two things took a lot of strips to happen. So, in order to cut down on the load time for the posts, I'll be posting them in two installments. What follows is the remainder of August's posts.

The bank manager doesn't really care that his bank is in the process of being robbed- he has insurance, after all- but he is quite annoyed that the psycho who's doing it won't leave. The man has a business to run, after all, and he can't do so much as fill out a claims form until the Shocker leaves.

TIL: The Shocker's habit to refer to himself in the third person.
Today's Lesson: Bank managers won't care if you can rob a bank, but loitering is another matter entirely.

08/23:That cameraman is quite cowardly. The Shocker does, indeed, look like a guy in a padded suit and he is one of the few super-villains whose silliness is a canonical fact. If you've played "Marvel Ultimate Alliance", in fact, you'd be treated to no less than two scenes when the heroes mock the Shocker for his lameness. So, all in all, Jameson has been right about one thing as of this comic strip.

TIL: Jameson's ACTION POSE in panel three.
Today's Lesson: Super-villains like to pose for photo-ops. Especially if they're the Shocker.

I like Maria Lopez's cameraman more than that schlub Jameson has. I don't know whether it's his confident smile or blazing red ensemble, though. The other guy looks like a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Dale Gribble from "King of the Hill", and his lines have all been on the cowardly side.

TIL: Red Cameraman.
Today's Lesson: If left to themselves, super-villains will begin monologuing.

In this day and age, it'd probably be impossible to get exclusive photos of that creep. What with camera phones and digital cameras and all those nifty gadgets, the entire robbery was probably on YouTube seconds after it happened.

TIL: Jameson's stutter in panel three.
Today's Lesson: Los Angeles has questionable masonry.

There needs to be more continuity between the daily and Sunday strips. The wall we saw falling yesterday was maybe crumbling just a little, not enough to do more than maybe bruise or bump an unfortunate pedestrian. Then, today, it suddenly erupts into the entire building collapsing. What's more is that it's a sentient explosion, as it's clearly aiming for Maria Lopez.

TIL: The falling masonry aiming right for Maria Lopez in the first panel in the third row.
Today's Lesson: Some cameraman have the ability to change the color of their clothes when faced with danger. This is a defense mechanism, and rarely works.

You certainly did, Jonah. Thanks a lot.

TIL: Jonah's look of bemusement and the return of his stutter, both in panel three.
Today's Lesson: If you save Maria Lopez's life, she will crush the life out of you.

It looks like Jonah is a kindly old grandfather having a tender moment with his granddaughter or something. Also, I think we realize that's where Maria would be if not for Jonah. She had no need to point it out.

TIL: Not Jameson and Maria's budding romance.
Today's Lesson: The quickest way to a girl's heart is to save her life.

Gasp! Do my eyes deceive me? Is that our favorite vigilante, the Land Captain? Perhaps in the face of an evil like the Shocker, he has chosen to wield a revolver. Or, perhaps, it's just a gimmicked flare gun. My breath, as they say, is held.

TIL: Maybe Land Captain! Also, the cheesy dialog.
Today's Lesson: Super-villains choose getaway cars that have convenient features, unless they can fly or something.

It's not Land Captain, after all. It's a cop. I am disappointed.

TIL: The structure of the second two panels. Or maybe just second panel? It could be either!
Today's Lesson: People who can make vibro-gauntlets may not know anything about guns.

That poor cop looks so sad that his gun fell apart. I hope someone helps him pick up the pieces. Perhaps he'll be inspired by this escapade to build a gun that is immune to being vibrated apart, or perhaps learn some martial arts and become a costumed vigilante. I kind of hope he does both.

TIL: That poor cop.
Today's Lesson: A super-villain will break any law he can, from robbing banks to speeding.

The rest of this big catch-up tomorrow! I hope.

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