Friday, August 31, 2007

Metapost: Not Dead!

I am not dead, and neither is this Blog. However, the computer I usually used for updating the Blog pretty much is. Luckily, I have this one to use until that one gets fixed. So basically expect updates to resume shortly. I also have plans for this here Blog... of an evil sort?


Sam99 said...

Sheesh, hurry's been some crazy strip for a's is nuts. With Pete leaving MJ in the car alone with fans all around, and He swings away all Spidey'd up with fans still around the car. CAAAAARRRRAAAAAZZZZZZZZZEEEEEE! Hurry Back!

Aaron T. said...

Yeah, you're missing Spider-Man swinging his way through the urban canyons of... Beverly Hills?! Just what is he shooting his webs at, cell towers?

Mike P said...

He's shooting at the inflated self-images of stereotypical Beverly Hills citizens, of course. I'm working on a post to get all the back-log out at once, and it's about half-way done.