Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Oracle Speaks!

Okay, prediction time! Again! Jonah and Maria will both arrive on the scene while the Shocker is committing his daring daylight robbery. After a brief argument, the Shocker will notice them and decide the really big money is in ransom, especially since there's no super-folk around to stop him. So he'll kidnap both Jonah and Maria, and hold them hostage for a while. Meanwhile (or, as the strip likes to use, while), Peter and Mary Jane will be enjoying their vacation. At one point, however, they'll hear the desk clerk listening to the radio reports about the Shocker.

At that point, Peter will screw his courage to the sticking point and decide, "Bounty on my identity or not, I have to save them!" Mary Jane will be disappointed but supportive, and the pair will make it back to the city post-haste. It will all end with a minor skirmish between Spider-Man and the Shocker which will somehow end Maria's crush on Spider-Man and cancel Jameson's reward for Spider-Man's identity. Time will tell if I'm correct, which is doubtful.

TIL: Cheery Jameson.
Today's Lesson: Police scanners are still used by top-notch television reporters, and Maria Lopez.

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jvwalt said...

Not only do top-notch reporters use police scanners... they use gigantic police scanners manufactured in the 1950s and previously used in sci-fi cheapie movies like "Night of the Lepus." (Starring Deforest Kelley and a bunch of giant rabbits.)

And their scanners shoot lightning bolts. Intrepid reporter Maria Lopez appears unconcerned. Brave girl!