Sunday, June 01, 2008


The Vulture is going to do something to Maria Lopez which will require Mary Jane to release Spider-Man from his promise. Spider-Man will get his butt kicked, but will save Maria Lopez. This will lead to a confidence boost for the Vulture, Maria Lopez being sad that Spider-Man failed, and Jonah Jameson reveling in that very same fact. The Vulture will then go on a crime spree, which will only end once Spider-Man is feeling better. He will then fight the Vulture, restoring Maria Lopez's faith in him and making Jonah look silly.

Also, I like the little Hulk cameo. That's nice.


Unknown said...

I hope you're right. I really want to see Spiderman get his butt kicked. I don't think it happens enough in this comic. However, I think you're expecting too much. I'm willing to bet that Spiderman goes out to get the vulture, who accidentally flies into some power lines or something and roasts to death, again preventing Spiderman from doing any work.

jvwalt said...

I would only add that, while Spidey is rescuing Maria, MJ will be WATCHING IT ON TV and getting jealous over Peter and Maria.

I'd love to see the real estate listing for the Vulture's lair: "For Rent: LAIR. Lower East Side, loft with easy access to rooftop for getaways or swooping gracefully over city. Studio, 1BR, bath. Rent payments accepted in cash or swag only."

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

My prediction: HULK SMASH everything in sight, plugs his new movie, mugs, and walks off waving to the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Iron Man never got any cross-promotional love, did he? Weird.

We all know what'll happen if Spidey fights the Vulture in a TV studio:

Stage light + head = "Unnnnhhhh"

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin' about Blackie Drago gonna go see the Hulk movie on June 13th lol!