Monday, October 13, 2008

Panel of the Week: Unsurprising Victor

It's time once again for the panel of the week! Last week, we didn't have much, I'm sorry to say. This week, we have several contenders for the dubious honor of being the panel of the week! Will it be the Spider-Man debut of television's Paul Shaffer?

(#4 - 10/09/2008)

Perhaps the beginning of Peter Parker's descent into madness?
(#3 - 10/06/2008)

Or another installment in Peter's shifting attitude towards that whole secret identity thing?
(#2 - 10/10/2008)

No. It is none of those. Instead, it's Maria Lopez, naked in a tub again.
(#1 - 10/05/2008)

Someone here is dropping the ball on the whole panel of the week thing, and it's either me or the people who draw this strip. I'm willing to pin this on them, really.

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