Saturday, October 11, 2008

Land Captain's Not Too Happy

Well, Spider-Buddies, I was all set to yak about how Mike P must have seen the error of his ways and whatnot, but then this poll had to have the highest voter turnout for any poll that's ever been on this site, and any segment of Choose Your Own Blogventure, which I won't let up on since I've seen what you people are capable of. Forty-one votes, people. Forty-one.
The lovely Mary Jane won, as you can see. Good for her. Now she can put her clothes back on.

I'm not sure what to think of you people anymore, honestly. I guess Mike P was right, though, and showing scantily clad ladies brings in the traffic. Apologies to anyone out there who doesn't like that sort of thing, but since no one complained, I guess it's all right with all of you.

This week, though, I thought we'd steer away from the gratuitous hit-bringing and ask a somewhat serious question. What do we call this fellow:Suggestions so far have been:
Spider-Impersonator (it's his current tag)
Ant-Man (though I think this fellow, this fellow, and this fellow might all be a bit up-in-arms about that)
Pseudo-Spider (my personal favorite)

I know what you people are capable of now, so I expect a pretty decent turn-out. And again, show some of that poll-taking love to Choose Your Own Blogventure, please. Until next week, Spider-Buddies.


Eric Goebelbecker said...

The Scarlet Sap?

Eric Goebelbecker said...

Actually, if he's Big-Time's sidekick, why not call him "Second Hand?"

Aaron T. said...

I previously suggested "The Amazing Spider-Scam".

Anonymous said...

Looks like a spider but has six legs instead of 8? He has to be Daddy Long-Legs.