Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey, Clock Exhibit! WE KNOW!

We've now spent two days establishing that, yes, there is a clock exhibit and that Peter thinks it's beneath his notice. Any time spent on this topic, without talking about capers involving said exhibit or actually being at that exhibit, will be time wasted. You hear that, Big-Time? TIME WASTED. I trust you'll do the right thing, my fiendish friend.

TIL: Big-Time appears to have a torso of the Pseudo-Spider on his wall.


john said...

so the exhibit opens "tomorrow", which is "oct 8" ... it also said that yesterday. peter has been standing at this poster for a full 24 hours.

Bryce Baker said...

You nailed today's panels with your comments.... BIG TIME

Anonymous said...

Check out these amazing pictures of a unknown brown spider from Charlotte NC. Could be a brown widow? Looks like the one that bit Peter Parker: