Saturday, May 10, 2008

Numbered List!

Numbered list time, readers!
1) The Vulture makes a stupid mistake, as his forte is quick-strikes, not... well, not this. Anything but this. The folly of his actions is proven in the third panel, where what's probably a high-ranking police officer tackles the Vulture.
2) The Vulture is using his gun. Traditionally, those wings are razor-tipped and he can slice through a lot of things with them. He does not need a gun.
3) That's not Birdman. That's the Vulture. Birdman is a superhero-turned-lawyer. Birdman would probably make an infinitely better comic strip, as well, at least the lawyer version.


Mat said...

I don't understand what's supposed to be happening in panel 3. Is that The Joker? And I can't make sense of what he's saying. It looks like he's saying that punching the Vulture is worth going back to prison. Could someone please explain?

Aaron T. said...

I think officer Joker means that if Harvey Vulture, attorney-at-law steals anything from the partygoers, it will earn him a trip to prison, so in a sense, that's what it's "worth".

Reggie White Jr. said...

How many panels you think it will take for that cop to get the urine slapped out of him?

Mat said...

Okay, thanks.

Sano said...

Volture looks like Birdman. Birdman hung out with Street Fighter characters in Capcom's recent Harvey Birdman game. Spider-Man hung out with Street Fighter characters in MSH vs. SF and MVC1 and MVC2. It's aaaaall connected lol Stan Lee knows his video games. BET IT!