Friday, February 16, 2007

Mrs. Spider-Man

I did not see this comic, and it could be interesting, though I admit I'd like to know what kind of proof Miss Dorset has. Does she have a marriage license with the word "Spider-Man" in the "Groom" slot or however those are arranged? Perhaps Dorset is actually an agent of Kurt Kordok, sent to make sure the web-slinger has his mind on other things? Also, this was the premise of one of the episodes of the short-lived live-action "The Tick" television series. Just throwing that out there.

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J.V. Walt said...

Er, hm... I haven't checked the list of Emmy categories, but I can't offhand think of one that would fit J.J.'s big scoop here. "Best Tacky Tabloid Revelation"? "Best Exploitation of an Obviously Troubled Individual"? (He'd be up against "American Idol" for that one.) "Least Impressive Superhero Expose"? "Stupidest On-Camera Performance By a Broadcasting Neophyte"? I'd say he's got that one in the bag.